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Flutist. Storyteller.

An opera composer devoted to revolutionizing the art form, centering communities who are rarely seen on the operatic stage, and telling the stories of today's people with exciting and innovative techniques.

media composer smashing together the elegance of old-world operatic leitmotif technique with gripping modern electronic soundscapes.

A songwriter bringing eclectic interests together in a diverse catalog of musical theater, fluidly slipping between classic Broadway stylings, progressive rock and metal, cinematic folk, and more surprises around every turn.

Featured Projects

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Green Thumbed - Jamey Guzman Tiffa Foster_Page_01.png
ESCAPE_Aria Collection for Soprano_Jamey Guzman_Page_01.png
Through the Time-Blurred Window for String Quartet - Jamey Guzman_Page_01.png
TURNING POINT_For Mezzo-Soprano_Page_01.png
Daughter Score Cover and Program Notes for soprano monodrama with name-1.png
ESCAPE_Aria Collection for Soprano_Jamey Guzman_Page_23.png
ESCAPE_Aria Collection for Soprano_Jamey Guzman_Page_03.png


Photo by Allison Dettloff


Jamey J Guzman is a composer, librettist, and artist-activist. In her music, Jamey often explores identity and interpersonal connection, philosophy and humanity, and the unashamed pursuit of wonder. A firm believer in the unmatched power of art to enact social change, she is dedicated to using her music to illuminate themes such as female empowerment, racial equity, climate action, gender and sexuality, and mental health awareness. Jamey is deeply passionate about contemporary opera and vocal music, striving to use the unique power of the human voice to tell necessary stories of underrepresented peoples with excitingly experimental and innovative techniques. 
Recently, Jamey’s work has been featured by Nightingale Opera Theatre’s Young Artist Program, the N.E.O. Voice Festival in Los Angeles, and Really Spicy Opera at Fondation des États-Unis in Paris. Recent major commissions have come from Really Spicy Opera for chamber operas Green Thumbed and Open Heart Surgery, which will tour Paris and Madagascar in Summer 2023; New Voices Opera for their 2022 mainstage; Strange Trace Opera for the 2022 Stencils Festival, ENAEnsemble for a new monodrama, Paradox Opera for an aria for Autonomy, a benefit concert for Planned Parenthood, and SONIT for a flute piece celebrating Salvadorian folklore. 

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